Simple, Sensible, Cost Efficient screening solution
for Porch, Patio and Deck Screening applications
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Simplicity® Screens are 100%
made in the United States

Manufactured by
Connecticut Screen Works, Inc.
Wallingford, CT
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Above: Mill Frame End Cut
Above L to R: White,
Bronze, Tan, Mill
Above: Standard Corners
Above: Support Bars
Rivet Fastened
18x14 .013g Charcoal
20x20 .008g Charcoal
Above: Used as Ceiling Tiles

Simplicity® is an excellent choice for porch, patio and deck screen projects as well as unlimited other special use applications.  It is well suited for triangles, trapezoids and other odd shapes and is probably the best choice for porch, patio and deck screen applications where job site fabrication is required.

This extremely versatile product offers very good quality at an affordable price. Matching PVC inserts are also available for off-season winterization.

Simplicity® is a 7/16” x 1” .024g roll formed material which is available in 4 finishes. Square cut color-matching corners are provided standard but miter cut corners are also available if required. All panels 48” or less in one dimension are supplied standard with (Clear Advantage) 20x20 .008g charcoal fiberglass screen material. Panels over 48” in both dimensions are supplied standard with
18x14 .013g charcoal fiberglass screen material.

The maximum recommended manufacture size for Simplicity® panels is 156 UI. The closer you are to (and the more you exceed) the maximum recommended UI size the more flexible the frame will be. The larger the panel is, the more secure the installation must be.

Support bars for Simplicity® screens are structural - this results in a substantially sturdier frame and are recommended in any screen panel with a height or width over 48".  Bar should be parallel to the shortest dimension and positioned at approximately 1/3” the distance of the longest dimension. Standard location for Support Bar is 36” up from base - this would be the typical location for most porch, patio and deck screen applications. Failure to use bars as recommended may result in an hourglass effect, loose screen material, or blowouts.

Simplicity® polyvinyl chloride (PVC Film) inserts are an economical choice for off-season protection. Simply order, or make, a second set of frames with our PVC installed in place of screen material. PVC is a durable double polished, UV stabilized, material that will withstand the elements and resists scratching. It is easily installed and is a far more economical choice when compared to tempered glass or polycarbonate inserts. Simplicity® PVC inserts also weigh less than glass inserts, can be stored flat, stacked, or on their side, and can withstand serious abuse without being damaged. 48” maximum single dimension.


Simplicity® Screens can be purchased from any of our Authorized Dealers, directly from Connecticut Screen Works, or through our web store.

Fully Manufactured Panels: Order must be quoted first. Manufacture orders will ship by common carrier (freight). Manufacture orders cannot be ordered on-line or by phone. Please use the Quote Request links below.

Raw Materials: You can place your order on-line through our web store or you may first submit a fax, mail, or web submission Quote Request. Full lengths of Simplicity® frame will ship by common carrier (freight) unless cut down for FedEx  shipping.

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