Simple, Sensible, Cost Efficient screening solution
for Porch, Patio and Deck Screening applications
From Connecticut Screen Works

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Simplicity® Screens are 100%
made in the United States

Manufactured by
Connecticut Screen Works, Inc.
Wallingford, CT
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Builders and Tradesman

Those skilled in the trade should have no trouble using Simplicity® Screens

or manufacturing DIY panels in your shop or on site. Installation and on site manufacture is very straightforward. Be sure to review our recommended installation suggestions and panel assembly instructions (located on the DIY'ers page). Contact our Sales office at 203.741.0859 if you need assistance. Normal business hours are M-F 8AM to 5 PM EST.

How Obtain a Project / Budget Quote

You may request a project quote by fax, mail or email. CLICK HERE for more information. You can also submit project plans for review. Our staff will review your plans for pricing purposes only - not accuracy or completeness. Our staff will follow our order standards if you are silent on any issue. We prefer that your request be by fax or mail utilizing our prepared request form. This will ensure that all aspects of your projects costs will be properly accounted for.

How to Order

Manufactured Products: Manufacture orders must be in writing and must be quoted first. You can place your manufacture order with us by executing a non-expired quotation.

Raw Goods: Raw materials can be purchased on-line, by fax or mail. For more information CLICK HERE.

- 100% Made in USA -
Porch Screens - Deck Screens - Connecticut Screen Works Facebook